Computers often go wrong. Occasionally it's something really simple, so let us take a look before deciding you need another one!


We offer the following Computer Repair services across North Devon. Bring systems to us or we can work on-site for an additional fee.

We are also able to fix many problems by connecting to your device remotely, using Windows 10's built in Quick Assist (instructions here) or TeamViewer, which is available here for Windows, Mac and other platforms.

Slow PC? - Prices from £48

We remove unnecessary items which slow your system down; Clean the registry, defragment the hard drive, and optimize the memory and CPU usage.

Virus Removal

Viruses, Trojans and Spyware can cause you and your system an absolute nightmare. Let us safely remove the items and secure your computer.

PC Repairs

If your PC doesn't start, your laptop keyboard stops working, hearing strange noises, or smashed your screen to pieces, then we'll fix it for you.

pc repairs barnstaple

Apple Repairs

We fix macbooks, apple systems, repair broken screens on laptops, ipads and iphones. We can also offer system upgrades such as increasing RAM.

Data Recovery - From £60

If your hard drive fails, your PC is dead, or you have deleted something you shouldn't of, we can probably recover it. No charge if we don't!!!


PC and Mac upgrades, including SSD, ram and graphics card. Call us for a quote.

How to find us

We are located at the bottom of Pilton Street in Barnstaple. Look for the black and orange "WillcoxMedia" sign on either side of the premises. You can park right outside (if there is a space available) or anywhere along Pilton Street.

Why choose us?

Our PC, Computer, Laptop, Tablet and Phone Repair Centre is located in Barnstaple, North Devon, within the offices of WillcoxMedia (web design and IT Support company). We have an excellent reputation locally and are often recommended by gadget outlets such as Maplin (well, we were until they closed down!). If there is anything we cannot fix we'll let you know right away and provide you with additional options. We like to repair systems in our offices, but if you would prefer we can carry out on-site repairs, which is particularly useful for businesses.

Our prices start at £48 and we'll always provide a quotation before doing any work. We'll beat almost any quote from other repair shops, such as PC World in Barnstaple.

We always try to offer a same day repair service, but in cases where we may need to order specific parts, our suppliers can usually get these to us via next day delivery.

PC Repairs in Barnstaple

We are so reliant on computers at home and at work, that when they go wrong our world falls apart. More often than not, its a simple software fault that can be easily fixed. Other times however, your system may have serious overheating issues, hardware faults, power problems or something more terminal.

Let us take a look for you. We can repair almost any fault or install new components, such as hard drives, RAM, graphics cards, motherboards and PSU's. We'll not charge you if we don't think we can fix it, so its certainly worth a go.

We can fix PC's, laptops, Apple Macs, Windows Servers, Phones and most tablets.

pc repairs barnstaple

Affordable Computer Repairs

Examples of typical prices are listed below. Obviously your actual repair may cost more or less, depending on how long it takes.

PC Speedup


  • Fix slow start-up
  • Repair registry
  • Remove junk files & programs
  • Fix errors
  • Defragment Hard Drive
  • System Analysis

Virus Removal


  • Scan for any viruses, trojans or Spyware
  • Remove discovered viruses
  • Scan and remove hidden nasties
  • Check browser settings
  • Stop "Phishing attacks" (e.g online banking)
  • Increase security and privacy

Screen Replacements

£90 - 150

  • Macbook Screen Replacement
  • iMac Screen Replacement
  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Monitor Repair